Posted by Russell Minor Football Association. on Apr 06 2019 at 11:56AM PDT

Our first dome session is tomorrow morning, Sunday April 7th at 9am-10am for all divisions in the Russell Sports Dome situated at 150 Sportsplex drive, Embrun (Beside Embrun Ford)

Please wear your full equipment. For those of you who are waiting on items, wear everything you have for now. There won’t be any hitting drills the first couple of sessions so don’t worry if you don’t have your helmet/mouthguard yet.

If you have a practice jersey wear that over your pads, if you don’t have one, or are waiting for our order to come in to purchase one you can wear an oversized t-shirt etc. Practice jerseys are not mandatory so long as you have something to cover/protect the pads.

Cleats are allowed in the dome. The same rule applies as on our field, no metal studs!!! It is not necessary to purchase football cleats (they can get quite pricey) soccer cleats are totally fine, and many players actually prefer them.

Don’t forget a water bottle!!! Water is the only outside food/beverage permitted inside the dome area.

No outdoor footwear is permitted inside the dome. Please bring a change of shoes or be prepared to be in your sock feet if watching from inside the dome area.

Please be considerate of people using the track. Make your way through and onto the field surface DO NOT STOP/STAND on the track area. If you are there early/the field surface is not available yet either wait in the entrance of the dome or off to one of the corners, off of the track.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me